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Brooklyn Wildlife is making moves again, keeping us away from the depression that the dead of winter in NYC tends to carry with it by bringing you 30 Days of Art. Christoph Carr, founder of Brooklyn Wildlife gives a test of his endurance fueled by his passion and headstrong determination to create and keep a strong independent art community.
“We will be hosting a series of events throughout the month of January in order to showcase my nude artwork, give a venue to some of my friends that are creators and producers of art and to actualize a community space for people to exchange ideas.

The series of events are scheduled to take place every day during the month of January and will be an extravaganza of Photography, film, music, clothing bazaars, and discourse — specifically; listening parties for artists, DJ sessions, photo shoots and video shoots in the space, live shows, opportunities for artists to showcase new material, miniature film festivals, and at least one event that is theatrical in nature.

I want to remind the community that there are young people who believe in the truth of art and its potential for social edification”

For updates and staying current with the events and happenings, here is the link for the month long event:

30 Days of Art 2017 – presented by Bk WIldlife

and the link to

article by

There are a few spots still open to perform at one of the many events. If you are interested in performing, please contact

Jan 1 – Ohene release party at Gamba
Jan 2 – Petes candy store
Jan 3 – Art opening at gamba
Jan 4 – Aura session with Rue Brown
Jan 5 – Rowan performance at Gamba
Jan 6 – Hell Phone – open call for artists
Jan 7 – Kerri and Pan at Gamba
Jan 8 – Dance event at Gamba
Jan 9 – B day at Tilt for Paper Boy Prince of the Suburbs
Jan 10 – Living Gallery – Live show
Jan 11 – WHere the wild things are – (Circle party
Jan 12 – Acoustic night Rosemont
Jan 13 – Ctzyn at Gamba
Jan 14 Birthday Party #1
Jan 15 – Isaac Sawyer potluck & playlist at Gamba
Jan 16 – Sinton in town
Jan 17 – Wayward social
Jan 18 – Striptease for the shy with Leah King
Jan 19 – My Birthday
Jan 20 – Tyquan – UGA
Jan 21 – Birthday party – Fishnet Party
Jan 22 – Saving Mandyland at Gamba
Jan 23 – Domo event at Gamba
Jan 24 – Ajay film and discussion event at Gamba
Jan 25 – Emcee batlle at Bizarre
Jan 26 – Akai Solo at Gamba
Jan 27 – gamba saloon
Jan 28th – Kerry Blu at Gamba
Jan 29 – Tori at Gamba
Jan 30th – Baxter words and Hila Birthday at Gamba
Jan 31 – Boom productions – their space

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Indiephiles Monthly Latest News and Releases

Thursday December 29, 2016!!! Indiephiles ACLU Benefit Show @ Gold Sounds Venue and Bar Brooklyn, NY

December 19, 2016
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Indiephiles works with artists toward creating an environment that they can express themselves in every way possible. We have accomplished 20 awesome events and are looking forward to creating many in the new year. Equality is an important factor in getting anything accomplished, so this events mission is to #giveback and will be accepting donations for ACLU.
We have some awesome artists that will be gracing the stage, so we hope to see you there!


Nina La Voix, Burlesque producer and extraordinaire

We also will be featuring:

Michael Alan Hams -musician

Shawn K- hip hop artist

Zac Hoerning- spoken word
All donations will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, whose goals aim toward:

-Fighting efforts to suppress free speech and the right to protest
-Defending people who were unconstitutionally jailed for being too poor to pay court fines
-Working to defend people who are being discriminated against under the banner of religion

During times like this, when progression and uniting is necessary, we need to not only do what we can to make change, but also use the expression and freedom art has to give to do so.

Please come out and support community, art, and unity and the freedom to protect your rights as an individual!

For more information on the ACLU, please visit their website


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Red Light Special: A Night Of Urban Burlesque Returns by Yaminah Legohn of Art of Legohn LLC

November 24, 2016
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Red Light Special takes you through a journey of a woman’s expression of her self love, sexuality and her confidence in her body simultaneously seducing the audience, one dance at a time. This special is integrated with a variety of dance styles including Burlesque, Contemporary, Dancehall, Afro Fusion and Street Jazz while at the same time dancing in heels
It is a full night event. There will be genres of music ranging fromTrip Hop, RnB, Reggae to Alternative and more played by our live DJ!

Vendors will have all sorts of goodies for you to enjoy.

There will be good music and cocktails with friends, in tandem with watching a riveting show.

[embedyt][/embedyt] The show first debuted in January 2016 at the Brooklyn Wineyard and brought in a packed house, followed by another great show and full production in August 2016 at Black Bear Bar.

This season of Red Light Special is called “Confessions,” opening doors to “confessions” from women on the subject of sexuality, love, desire, relationships and secrets.

The journey through these experiences make a woman who they are today, revealing what turns them on and what empowers them to dance so sensual and seductively as they tell a unique story.

“Confessions can release a woman from her wildest dreams, putting her in a place of vulnerability that is beautiful and sexy” – Yaminah Legohn

“Everyone loves to see a beautiful woman who loves herself. I’m using different forms of art to express that while entertaining,” – Yaminah Legohn

Red Light Special will feature a number of dance pieces performed in heels by skilled dancers Jacquelyn Powell, Jessica Figueroa, Rita Tuitt, and Shari “Charm” Clark. You will also see work by Art Of Legohn’s visual artists Asha Qüwan, Jean Tree, Shayla Russell, and Yaminah Legohn,  guests musician performances, a live Dj by Dj Yanks, and host LyneLuvDance.

Art Of Legohn has once again teamed up with Indiephiles for promoting this event.

If you had a good time at the shows that came before, you’re gonna have an even better time at this one. Be sure not to sleep on this sexy revue.

FB Link below

When: Saturday December 17th

Time: Doors open at 10:30pm
Show starts at 12am

Price: $10
Tickets available online

Or cash at the door

Visit for more information


Gold Sounds
44 Wilson ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Indiephiles Showcase #GIVETHANKS Edition w/ One Be Lo

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Indiephiles #Givethanks Edition Featuring One Be Lo

shawnindiephilesthanks rbngivethanksindiephiles mercgivethanks givethankspaco

Indiephiles Monthly

UPCOMING EVENT: Indiephiles Showcase/ Meet & Greet #15 on July 27, 2016

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July 27 is our next Indiephiles Open Mic and Showcase! We will be featuring 3 amazing music performances:
Dr. Breakfast and the Brunch Connection
It Was Romance
We will have an open mic from 6-830 and performances begin at 9!
What a night of amazing art we have in store for us. Come and meet and network with some new people!
5$ entry

If you are interested in performing for our Open Mic, send an email to or come through 6-830 before our showcase!


Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival 2016 . Are you an indie artist? They are still accepting submissions to perform!

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Are you looking to perform at an all indie festival located in Brooklyn, NY? Join one of the wildest festivals that don’t take from corporations and supports the artist community 100%.

Below is the application form and info about the festival..
The dates are:Saturday sept 3rd – Sat sept 10th.
The opening day will be at the Paperbox and feature over 50 live performers. The remaining venues will be announced in the next few weeks.

Here are the directions for complete application. Send the following to
1. Name of Band
2. number of band members
3. contact person in the band
4. email
5. twitter/instagram
6. link to music
7. link to video
8. genre
9. days of the festival that you are available.


Once you send this, all first year entries must pay a 10 dollar application fee; if you performed last year this fee is waived. All payments can be made via paypal or in person with cash.
Once we receive all of your information, you will be sent an email with confirmation within a week and we will begin the programming. Within a few weeks you will receive your day/location for the festival.
All bands accepted will be invited to a special free event we will host in August as a meet and greet.
Thanks again and if you have any questions, hit up