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Brooklyn Wildlife is making moves again, keeping us away from the depression that the dead of winter in NYC tends to carry with it by bringing you 30 Days of Art. Christoph Carr, founder of Brooklyn Wildlife gives a test of his endurance fueled by his passion and headstrong determination to create and keep a strong independent art community.
“We will be hosting a series of events throughout the month of January in order to showcase my nude artwork, give a venue to some of my friends that are creators and producers of art and to actualize a community space for people to exchange ideas.

The series of events are scheduled to take place every day during the month of January and will be an extravaganza of Photography, film, music, clothing bazaars, and discourse — specifically; listening parties for artists, DJ sessions, photo shoots and video shoots in the space, live shows, opportunities for artists to showcase new material, miniature film festivals, and at least one event that is theatrical in nature.

I want to remind the community that there are young people who believe in the truth of art and its potential for social edification”

For updates and staying current with the events and happenings, here is the link for the month long event:

30 Days of Art 2017 – presented by Bk WIldlife

and the link to


article by Popdust.com

There are a few spots still open to perform at one of the many events. If you are interested in performing, please contact bkwildlife@gmail.com

Jan 1 – Ohene release party at Gamba
Jan 2 – Petes candy store
Jan 3 – Art opening at gamba
Jan 4 – Aura session with Rue Brown
Jan 5 – Rowan performance at Gamba
Jan 6 – Hell Phone – open call for artists
Jan 7 – Kerri and Pan at Gamba
Jan 8 – Dance event at Gamba
Jan 9 – B day at Tilt for Paper Boy Prince of the Suburbs
Jan 10 – Living Gallery – Live show
Jan 11 – WHere the wild things are – (Circle party
Jan 12 – Acoustic night Rosemont
Jan 13 – Ctzyn at Gamba
Jan 14 Birthday Party #1
Jan 15 – Isaac Sawyer potluck & playlist at Gamba
Jan 16 – Sinton in town
Jan 17 – Wayward social
Jan 18 – Striptease for the shy with Leah King
Jan 19 – My Birthday
Jan 20 – Tyquan – UGA
Jan 21 – Birthday party – Fishnet Party
Jan 22 – Saving Mandyland at Gamba
Jan 23 – Domo event at Gamba
Jan 24 – Ajay film and discussion event at Gamba
Jan 25 – Emcee batlle at Bizarre
Jan 26 – Akai Solo at Gamba
Jan 27 – gamba saloon
Jan 28th – Kerry Blu at Gamba
Jan 29 – Tori at Gamba
Jan 30th – Baxter words and Hila Birthday at Gamba
Jan 31 – Boom productions – their space

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