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"Harlem. Her streets paved in the gold of black thought, poetry, song, and struggle. Crimdella is Harlem, but his name rings out city-wide. Founding member of Black God Pantheon, 'Crim, youngest son of revered Activist Elombe Brath is true to his roots, and to the roots of his neighborhood. An uptown icon in the making.

Crimdella's latest album, the self-released Bury Me In Gold is a testament to the emcee's skill, and Harlem's rich African American identity. Uptown's legacy, it's juke joint past, its street wisdom, and unapologetic pro-black heritage all flourish in Crimdella. The album exudes the brash playfulness, and razor wit of the great Harlem rappers before him, with a sound that is modern, but undeniably New York.

The record's lead single, Extra has garnered over 20k video streams with minimal industry support. A magnetism, steeped in Harlem swagger, black pride, and he pours this charisma effortlessly into his music. He is the sound of Black youth across Harlem and America, energized by recent events, and the celebration of life that endures.

A staple on the live circuit, Crimdella has opened for Nas, Wale, Siimba Liives Long and has performed alongside fellow up and coming MC Jadon Woodard. No stranger to New York's indie scene, and appears regularly at NYC venues including Irving Plaza, Pianos, Cake Shop, and Brooklyn music halls like Paper Box. His shows often see the emcee cloaked in a crowd eagerly reciting his lyrics along with him, an omen of what's to come."

Artists worked/ collaborated with:

Ohene Cornelius , Paco The G Train Bandit , Lakita P, Rayvon The Legend , BS , Vulkan The Krusader , Que Cee , Brooklish , Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky

Who would you like to work with?:
Jenny Wren , Rose Hart , S’natra , Ratchet By Nature , Tyquan Sounds , Merc The Big Body Benz , Varyus Waise, B Nice , Mick Jenkins

Projects worked/ working on:
Currently working on a mixtape called GodKing which will include songs from my music video series titled “ZeusXStyles” as well as brand new material. Also currently working on a comic book to connect to my next album titled The Black ZeusX Tape which will be out in Fall 2015.

Past projects include:
Bride Of Drankenstein (August 2013)

Venues/States I’ve performed in :
The Knitting Factory, NY
Santos Party House, NY
The Delancey, NY
The Paperbox, NY
SUNY New Paltz Spring concert (Opener for Nas in 2011 and Wale in 2012),
Shakespeare’s Pub, Austin, Texas
OLD Bay , New Brunswick, NJ
The Raw Space Harlem, NY
Silvanas Harlem, NY
Various Lofts throughout NYC

Contact Crimdella

Samantha Doe
Assistant Artist Manager
+48 22 7176 2222

If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon

Releases that you need

Minimatica 2016
Retrowave 2016
Electronica 2014

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February 17, 2019 @ London, UK
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